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Our (Re)creation Story

To us, beer is more than a beverage, beer is food!  It is meant to refresh, replenish, and feed a body hungry for sustenance with a healthy dose of all of the elements that make beer special while keeping the alcohol (and calories) at a level consistent with an active lifestyle.  

At Recreation Point Brewing, we have been intrigued by the brewing science behind making a great tasting, well-hopped beer while reducing the ABV below 3%. This is a re-creation of the IPA style. Our mission at Recreation Point Brewing Company is to produce the best-tasting, lower-alcohol, lower calorie beers on the market today. We’re scientists by trade, but we’re also active users of the great outdoors and enjoy the fellowship obtained by sharing the gifts of great beer and food with family and friends.  Join us in our mission as we merge great-tasting beer with an inspired ABV and calorie profile that gets it just right.

Our journey has not been easy.  Make no mistake, making a 7% or 8% ABV India Pale Ale is easy, and that’s why so many exist today.  The other end of the alcohol spectrum is quite a different story.  Balancing a great flavor profile, great hop impact and low ABV is no trivial task.  We’ve had our Super-Session IPA in development for several years at both commercial and academic institutions, running detailed experiments to arrive at a final grain recipe, brewing process and fermentation procedure.  The resulting product has been a brewing science epiphany for us and all of those involved in its creation.  .  

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Beer is a Health Food