Why Recreation Point

Beer has evolved incredibly well over the past 20 years. The move away from bland mass-produced mega brews to great-tasting highly-hopped IPAs has been incredibly beneficial to humanity, and gives beer lovers the world over reason to crawl out of bed in the morning. However, the big IPAs that produce great flavor and big hop wallop also have high alcohol content, sometimes to the tune of 8% ABV and above. For active people that love the IPA style but are compelled to move around the surface of the planet farther than the couch, this just doesn’t work. Some breweries that have addressed the high % ABV issue have done a reasonable job of decreasing alcohol content by pioneering the “session IPA”, but in most cases the ABV is still too high (5-6%) for the truly active drinker. The common accepted theory has said “if the alcohol is dropped any lower, flavor suffers too much.” It seems no one has been able to get it just right. Until now.

Our super session IPA is truly the first of its kind to offer a flavorful craft brew experience for those who wish to significantly lower the negative effects of alcohol consumption on their bodies, minds, soul and spirit. This beer is made for those who want to work hard and play hard, for those who want to finish their training, reach their goals and stay sharp. This beer is for those who want to play another round, go the extra miles, stay on the mountain longer or get home safely. This beer is for you.

We feel that our Super-Session IPA is the perfect fermented malt beverage for the active IPA consumer – full-bodied, well-hopped and full of life, with much lower alcohol than comparable products. Any higher and alcohol loads-up in your system, slowing you down and creating the potential for a multitude of sins. Any lower and the beer suffers from poor taste characteristics. Not to worry, we’ve cracked the code! Now you can enjoy what we consider to be the perfect brew for the active beer drinker who wants full flavor, great hops and lower ABV. This beer is one of a kind.